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Poila Baisakh with Maureen

The City of Joy, Kolkata is getting ready for the celebration of ‘Poila Baisakh’ (Bengali New Year) with magnificent grandeur. Over the years Kolkata has become the home for many communities as well as people from other countries. People across all communities come together in every festival to feel the joy that flows through the veins of this city. Poila Baisakh is no exception in this matter. It is not just a Bengali festival anymore in this beautiful city. People love the authentic Bengali cuisines and this auspicious day is just another excuse for them to indulge in it.

But our lives have also changed a lot in this busy and fast world. Not all can make enough time for the long preparations that takes to prepare the foods. Also, there are so many events that take place in these two days that people don’t want to miss. So what to do? Miss all the enjoyment outside preparing those special dishes for your family? Or go out and miss the special dinner and lunch? Well, we have a solution for you! Zahtar, housed by The Maureen is one of the best restaurants around the city, known for its Bengali delicacies celebrating the Poila Baisakh on 14th and 15th this month. In these two special days, Zahtar invites you for the “Poila Baisakh Bhoj”. Book tables for lunch, dinner and enjoy the authentic Bengali cuisines with your loved ones. From Sukto, Bhetki Paturi, Kasa Mangsho, Dab Chingri to Alu Posto and Payesh Zahtar offers a plate full of your favorite dishes. Go out with your family and friends, enjoy the day and have your lunch and dinner with us at Zahtar. To celebrate the special days with our guests Zahtar offers a special menu at Rs. 599 per person.

No more hassle for you and your family on this special occasion. Just enjoy your day and leave the rest on us. We will serve you the authentic homelike dishes with warm hospitality. The soothing ambiance of Zahtar will make your day even more special.

For the special Poila Baisakh menu of Zahtar click here

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