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9 Places to visit in Kolkata for Everyone

One of the oldest cities of this country Kolkata is rich with its history and culture. For many years people from around the country and abroad visit Kolkata for its diversity in touring destinations. The ‘city of joy’ not only known for its architectural and natural beauty but also a shopping destination. Here we take a look at the places every traveler or tourist can visit for various purposes.

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  1. Victoria Memorial: The Queen of the City

Victoria Memorial is an architectural beauty built in the memory of Queen Victoria. Made of marble this marvelous building now holds a museum and is the symbol of this city’s beauty.

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  1. Science City: The Largest Science Center of India

Opened on 1st July 1997 this science museum is a must see for every age group. Joy rides like Caterpillar Ride, Gravity Coaster, Cable Cars, Monorail Cycle and special screenings of scientific documentaries are the main attraction of this beautiful place for children and grownups.

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  1. Eco Tourism Park: A day with Nature

In the heart of the city yet far away from the craziness nature embraces the city with its scenic beauty. Eco-Tourism Park is the perfect place to take your family for a short tour anytime.

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  1. Princep Ghat: In the bank of The Soul of the City

The soul of the city Hooghly River has many Ghats in the city but Princep Ghat is something no one should miss. The afternoons and evenings in Princep Ghat will give you the inner peace you never had.

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  1. Nicco Park: Bring out the kid in you or just bring your kids

Nicco Park is the ultimate place to revisit the childhood playtime fans in the parks but in a grand way. From Super Bowl, Joy Rides to Water Park they have everything covered for the ultimate fun.

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  1. Alipore Zoological Gardens: The animal kingdom for your children

Introduce your children to the beautiful creatures of this world and not just let them grow up watching National Geographic or Discovery.

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  1. Indian Museum: The Largest & Oldest Museum of India

The oldest and largest museum of India holds many historical artifacts and Mughal Paintings. A place to visit with your family, get to know some history of this country.

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  1. Dakshineswar Kalibari & Paul’s Cathedral: The Spiritual Destination

Among many spiritual destinations of this city, these are the most visited for many years.

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  1. Hatibagan/Esplanade/Chandni Chowk: Heaven for the Shopaholics

For all the shopping maniacs these are the places to visit. Get out of the expensive and overrated shopping malls; go for a shopping spree you never had before. With vast range of products, local as well as quality products from around world make your shopping list bigger and better and save money. These places are great for daily life merchandises, cloths, home décor and electronics with prices no place can match.

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